Why use Best Como Real Estate to sell your property on Lake Como?

  • 3500 potential buyers of different nations reach our brand every month
  • our offices are located in the most popular areas of Lake Como: Tremezzina and Como city
  • the multi-language approach to the marketing
Prepare for sale property on Lake Como

Tips For Selling a Property on lake Como Italy

When you decide to sell your home on lake Como what should you do before putting it on the market?  These steps will allow you to sell your property faster and at a higher price: 1. Prepare your house for sale Remove clutter and depersonalize. Sometimes in the houses where nobody lives, we advise to bring away everything including the furniture and just paint the walls. Refresh the walls or paint them in neutral colors.  Make minor repairs, for example, fix the doors and fix leaky faucets. Keeping the lawn trimmed and the house cleaned is a must.   The state of abandonment, bad smells, dampness (even the old one, the cause of which has already been eliminated)...

Case Study: Why pricing Matters

The case of the apartment in ancient villa Tremezzina THE PROPERTY The separate kitchen, already furnished, 2 living rooms (one of which can be an additional bedroom), 1  bedroom with bathroom en-suite and second bedroom and another bathroom.  Renovated. THE CHALLENGE plenty of competition the apartment has not open lake view THE Best Como STRATEGY price in line with what similar units were actually selling for instead of what Sellers were hopig for  (€3500 per sqm) detailed description of the advantages of the location (The pedestrian path from the villa leads directly to the Olivelli Mayer Park, with beautifully landscaped gardens, a beach, a beach volleyball court, the...

Home sale timeline with Best Como

Please check below the home sale timeline with Best Como.   Phase 1 – pre-listing - schedule an appointment at the property with the representative of Best Como Immobiliare - discuss strategy for selling  - presentation of Best Como’s services - analysis of the market situation for similar properties - property evaluation or appraisal - signature of the brokerage assignment for the sale of real estate in an exclusive or non-exclusive form - preparation of a marketing plan   Phase 2 – listed and active - marketing campaign started - photos and videos taken - creation of a brief and detailed description ( exposé) of the property - signs installed (if agreed) - upload...