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I trusted "Best Como" for the sale of my property in Tremezzina exactly a few days before the first total closure due to Covid 19.

Given the exceptional nature of the situation, we made arrangements not to "burn" the property and, for this reason, it took longer than expected to complete the sale given the continuation of the unfavorable circumstances.

I would like to testify to the competence and professionalism of the Agency that followed me in the pre- and post-sales phases, informing me of the visits and assuming all the tasks for the existing contracts (even those I had not thought of) leading me to the deed and to the immediately following phases with precision and courtesy.

I felt accompanied and reassured in a situation that certainly requires a lot of attention to complete a transfer of ownership carried out with care and preparation.

I am satisfied and I thank Hanna for taking care of all the charges with skill, precision and kindness and I thank Pietro for following me in the negotiation with the buyer.

I had had previous experiences with other agencies in other decidedly unsatisfactory locations, with "Best Como" I changed my mind and found that there are still real estate agencies you can really count on.


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