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Lake Como is well known among the other lakes in the north of Italy for its ancient villas. 77- the number of historical villas of Lake Como, cataloged by the center of the "Cultural Heritage of Lombardy". Add to this  a large number of private villas, many of which are also worthy of attention.


Lake Como is an hour's drive from Milan, and almost on the border with Switzerland, good location, beautiful nature, a special microclimate - all this makes this area an ideal place to relax.


It it all began when the wealthy families started to built villas to for a relaxing holiday. At the end of the 15th century were built villa Reggia in Bellagio, one that later became Villa Serbelloni, Villa Garovo in Cernobbio, the future Villa d'Este, and in the town of Torno, a place with a unique fountain Pliniana, which explored the nature of Leonardo Da Vinci, appeared the same named villa.


All the buildings were built in isolation from towns within a large park, which runs down to the water, all this is now a great aesthetic value of the coast of the lake. The most beautiful villas of Lake Como, in fact, you can see from the water and not from the shore.




In the 18th century Lake Como has become fashionable among foreigners, and begins to come here not only who  know Lombardy, but also many well-known personalities, including writers, musicians, artists and intellectuals, which further reflected the Lake Como in his works.

“When you write the story of two happy lovers, let the story be set on the banks of lake Como" Franz Liszt in a letter in 1837


On the lake are beginning to build in the style of neoclassicism: it is Villa Olmo and Villa Rotonda in Como, Villa Melzi in Bellagio. It pays more attention to design parks. Villa Pizzo in Cernobbio, villa Passalacqua in Moltrasio, and especially the villa Balbianello in Lenno and Villa Melzi in Bellagio, become an example for all.

Since the second half of the 18th century, new villas in the new styles: Villa Mylius Cramer in Blevio, Neo Renaissance, neo medieval - Villa Gaeta in San Siro,  Villa Garovalo in Loveno Menaggio and Villa Bagatti Valsecchi in Cardano - most unusual.

Gradually size of villas are reduced, subject to the requirement age. Changing the concept of leisure and the mass-tourism comes to the Lake Como.

Nowadays, many villas are already divided into luxury apartments and converted into a residence for the the majority.


Visit the following villas on the lake:


Villa Carlotta

Historic villa, a botanical garden. Villa Carlotta (1600) - the most famous and most visited Lake Como villa.

Location: Tremezzo, via Regina, 2


Open to the public from March to November


Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbianello (end of the XVIII century) was built at the request of Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini at the end of the XVIII century

Address: Via Comoedia 5 - Lenno (CO)

Open to the public from 12 March to mid-November


Villa Melzi

Open to visitors only the gardens of the villa.

Address: Via Lungolario Manzoni, 22021 Bellagio CO

Open to the public from March to October


Villa Olmo

Address: Via Bellinzona, 2, Como CO

The villa is used for concerts and art exhibitions.


Villa Monastero

Address: Viale Giovanni Polvani, 4, Varenna

Museum, botanical garden


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