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Q.:What should be the amount of passive income for obtaining a residence permit in Italy  called “residenza elettiva "?

A.: The visa for elective residence allows entry into Italy, for the purpose of stays, to the foreigner who intends to settle in our country and is able to maintain himself independently, without exercising any work activity. To this end, the foreigner must provide adequate and documented guarantees regarding the availability of a dwelling to be elected as a resident, and of ample autonomous, stable and regular economic resources, which can be reasonably supported in the future. Such resources, in any case not less than € 31,000 / year (or, at three times the annual amount provided for in table A attached to the Ministry of the Interior's directive of 1 March 2000), must come from the ownership of large rents (pensions, annuities) , possession of real estate, ownership of stable economic-commercial activities or other sources other than subordinate work.


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