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Bathing on Lake Como, the climate , the seasons of Lake Como , getting to Lake Como and more ...

Are there beaches on Lake Como? Can you swim in the lake? Is it true that the water is cold? Is it clean?

There are numerous beaches, mostly narrow and rocky.  In the northern part of the lake beaches are wide and grassy or with gravel.

In the most popular resort towns there are beaches, often with pools. The lake water is considered cold and because of the undercurrents it is unwise to swim far away from the shore. 

On hot days (the peak is in July and August), the water is cool . You can swim almost everywhere except near the ferry docks.


How can I get to Lake Como using public transport?

A train line runs along the eastern shores of Lake Como. There are direct trains from Milan to Varenna, Bellano and Colico

Along the western shores the train arrives as far as Como (and then towards Switzerland), then from Como there are buses, hydrofoils and ferries.


What are the main attractions on Lake Como? What should I see in one day?

The central part of Lake Como, with the famous triangle between the towns of Bellagio - Menaggio - Varenna, is considered the most attractive part. The famous Villa Carlotta with its wonderful botanical garden is located in Tremezzo, and is the main attraction for tourists.

The view from the lake of Villa Balbianello in Lenno is breathtaking.

Ideally, it is best to see Lake Como and its famous villas by boat. You can hire a boat in numerous rental centers or take a ride on a tourist boat.


What is the weather like on Lake Como? Does it snow? Is it foggy? Is there a risk of earthquakes? Is it hot in summer? What is the best time to holiday there?


  • Lake Como (an Alpine glacial lake) has a continental climate (cold winters and warm summers). 
  • Some areas of the lake have very mild climates, thanks to their sunny position, such as Tremezzina .
  • Winter temperatures rarely drop below zero and occasionally it snows.
  • Mist is typical in the plains near Milan, but not on Lake Como.
  • Lake Como is not considered an earthquake-prone area.
  • The best time to visit the lake is spring or autumn. In summer, temperatures are high and sometimes exceed 30 degrees, but the nights are cool and pleasant. To understand when to visit Lake Como, just look at when the villas and museums are open to visitors: usually between March 20 and October 20. After the Christmas holidays until Carnival (the end of February), it is low season and many restaurants and hotels are closed.


Can I go fishing on Lake Como? 

The fish you can catch on Lake Como include perch (the most famous dish of Lake Como is risotto with perch), trout, pike, shad, and more. A fishing permit is required and costs about €30 a year.

What is the nearest ski resort to Lake Como?

Skiarea Valchiavenna. The town of Madesimo is close by. The nearest ski lift is in Campodolcino


Visit Livigno ski area ski-livigno.com.

Saint Moritz, Switzerland is about 80 km from lake Como.


Are there thermal springs on Lake Como?

The nearest thermal spring is in Bormio.  www.bagnidibormio.it



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