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Q: Dear Hanna, As I mentioned in e-mail below me and R. are updating our legal documentation. We have a question if we need a specific  Italian “last will” (or if the Swedish is good enough) in order to regulate the property in Italy if someone of us pass away?


A: The law applicable to your inheritance will be the law of the country of which you are a resident.

But the inheritance for real estate located in Italy will be processed according to the procedure provided for by Italian law.

Therefore, if you are preparing a will in your country in your own language, be sure to mention in a separate paragraph how you plan to manage your assets in Italy, movable (for example, your account in an Italian bank) and immovable (a description of your property can be found in your Italian notarial deed of sale)

You can also  make a will for the Italian property  only with an Italian notary public.  About the will on the website of Italian notaries in English can be read here

Please check all information with your trusted lawyer.

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