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  • Annette from Netherlands

    We used to live on lake Como and we were missing the atmosphere so we decided to buy a house in this area. The keywords were charm, quiet and view. And with our purchase we fulfilled all these requirements. A good briefing is crucial for an efficient search process. It is important to have faith in the agency. The agent that shows you the property will also help you with all the paper work so...

  • Helen and George


    Why Lake Como? This is our second home on the lake, we love the scenery and the pace of life. Although we contacted a few agencies, by far the most responsive was BestComo. Having shown us a few properties that all suited the brief we gave them, we settled on a renovation property. It was a complicated purchase which we would never have got through without the expertise of Hanna and Pietro....

  • Craig


    I fell in love with Lake Como years ago. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, which is a compelling reason to purchase a home here. In retrospect, Best Como was an excellent choice for real estate services. They are knowledgeable, thorough and honest. Craig, U.S.A.

  • Helen and Frank


    We had been contemplating buying in Italy for about 20 years. We were on our third visit to Tremezzo when walking past your office, Best Como, we picked up one of your brochures. After a relaxing day we took some time to see what was available. We were impressed with the quality product you had for sale so called Pietro. We had discussions with him about new builds and things went from there....

  • Henk


    We have visited Lake Como several times over the past few years, and enjoyed the peace and tranquility. We've stayed in Como itself, as well as Menaggio and Bellagio, the latter two cities belong to the "golden triangle" which includes Varenna. The golden triangle cities are very different in character and atmosphere, and we've found Varenna to be the most preserved and authentic (no main roads...

  • Recensione di Maria


    Озеро Комо. Как мы оказались в этом волшебном месте? Если в общем - в результате целой цепочки случайностей и совпадений. Но самое главное, я считаю, было то, что мы встретили Анну и Пьетро - и все сложилось. Для нас совершенно очевидно, что именно благодаря Вашему профессионализму, умению решать все вопросы быстро, четко, позитивно и, что немаловажно, правильно и прозрачно, мы решились - и...

  • Irina


    Я все время себя спрашиваю, зачем мы это сделали. Чем привлекли эти полуоблупленные домики, которым по пятьсот лет, древняя римская дорога, на которой еле-еле разъезжаются две колесницы, и холодное озеро. Потом поняла, что это мой кусочек РАЯ. Все, что я хочу, - это сидеть на террасе и смотреть на пипиську-Белладжио в любую погоду. Меня не волнуют ни купания, ни катания на лодке, ни миланские...

  • Simona e Roberto


    Da tempo, io e mio marito desideravamo una casa con vista lago. Molte sono le località amene che si affacciano sul Lario e moltissime le offerte di appartamenti. Era come cercare un ago in un pagliaio! Dopo qualche appuntamento in alto lago e sul ramo che volge a mezzogiorno, abbiamo capito che la nostra casa sul lago doveva essere sul ramo di Como, più precisamente tra Argegno e Tremezzo....

  • Laura & Demelza


    After moving back to Europe from Singapore we decided to look for a quieter place to settle in and have a base, Lake Como was perfect for that but without Pietro and Hanna our dream couldn’t have come true! They went above and beyond for us from the moment we met them until way beyond we moved into our home. Their knowledge of Italian bureaucracy and laws was outstanding! At one point we even...

  • Marieva

    Rio De Janeiro

    Both my husband and I fell in love with Lake Como, we had travelled around Italy for some years, and when we got to lake Como, it was like we had found the best part of Italy, all in one place, the food, the wine, the people and to top it absolutely stunning lake. We had the idea of buying a property at our favourite destination for some time, we had seen other real estate agents, but...

  • S.&P. T (Schweiz)

    Wir kannten die traumhafte Gegend des Lago di Como von unsern wiederholten unvergesslichen Aufenthalten in der Villa Serbelloni in Bellaggio. Unsere Begeisterung mündete im Wunsch, am Comersee ein „eigenes Heim“ (pied-à-terre) zu erwerben. Auch waren wir von Beginn weg überzeugt, damit eine gute nachhaltige Investition zu tätigen. Den Weg zu Bestcomo fanden wir über deren Homepage. Nirgends...

  • Julia&Michael


    Wir haben am Comer See gekauft weil uns die Landschaft und das Klima gut gefallen und wir die Nähe zu Lugano gesucht haben. An BestComo hat uns gefallen, dass sie uns sehr umfangreiche und unterschiedliche Angebote von Objekten bereitet haben und wir stets auf alle Vor- und Nachteile der jeweiligen Objekte hingewiesen wurden. Die Preisstruktur war von Anfang an klar und fair. Der Erwerb war ein...

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