Five differences New Build Vs Old Build on Lake Como: Which is Better?

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Lake Como is famous for its historical villas, many of them converted into apartments. But which is better - a new build apartment or an apartment in an Old villa?

Below are the 5 main differences:


  • New housing has better technical characteristics in comparison with housing from the secondary market; it is better isolated, repairs will not be required soon and the construction company gives a 10-year guarantee for all potential construction defects.
  • The historical villas have preserved many original details, murals, stucco moldings, wrought iron staircases, marble floors and fireplaces that give a charm and value to the property.


Room dimensions and ceiling height

  • In new apartments, ceiling height is a maximum of 270 cm. All the hallways and the size of the premises are reduced to a minimum in order to use less energy for cooling or heating. For example, bedrooms tend to consist of 12 - 14 square meters, even in luxury apartments. 
  • Historical buildings can have ceilings up to 4 meters in height and usually have spacious bedrooms and halls. Bathrooms have often been installed in former rooms, so generally, they are also very large.



  • All new buildings are built in the hills further away from the shore of the lake, where there is space for new construction. 
  • Historical buildings were built on the shore of the lake, and are often surrounded by gardens and parks, with easy access to the water.


Energy saving

  • All new buildings are built in a class not lower than B, and more often in class A +
  • All the old buildings are in class G.


Property Tax

When buying from a construction company, the buyer pays VAT, which on a first and permanent residency in Italy, adds up to 4% of the total sale price. 
This goes up to 10% for buyers of second homes, and then 22% for new construction projects related to luxury (for example, a loft conversion). 

So, when buying a house for 1.000.000 euro, a second home tax would be 100.000 euro. 

When buying in the secondary market, the buyer pays stamp duty:

  • 2% - first house
  • 9% - second house

Tax is calculated from the cadastral value, which decreases in the amount the elder a property is.  

So if the cost of a villa is 1.000.000 euro, the tax on the purchase might be 7 - 9.000 euro. 


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