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In a time when house prices are falling in other areas, they remain stable on Lake Como. This is due to the fact there are strong environmental and artistic heritage constraints aimed at preventing the excessive construction of new buildings.


Real Estate Agency  Best Como Immobiliare says that the interest of foreign investors is divide in different areas of the lake: the branch of Como has focused much of the luxury villas, here are the most expensive properties (Cernobbio, Laglio) prices around 5-6 000 euro per sq.m.


Central part of the lake western shore of the lake  (Tremezzina, Menaggio) is the most popular among tourists, with prices ranging from  3.500  euro per sqm for new properties.


The northern part of Lake Como (Musso, Pianello, Gera Lario, Colico) is choosed by Active Lifestyle Enthusiasts - here there are activities in the winter, the nearest sci resort Valchiavenna, the cost of new housing approximately 2- 2.500 euro per sqm

Bellagio and Varenna each with its own unique charm - a small offering, but you can find different budgets depending on the features.

The houses that need extensive renovation have prices from 1.000 euro per sq.m.

Strategic position and strong tourist attraction causes the brick here means safe investment, in addition to the pleasant stay in a unique place.

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