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We used to live on lake Como and we were missing the atmosphere so we decided to buy a house in this area. The keywords were charm, quiet and view. And with our purchase we fulfilled all these requirements. A good briefing is crucial for an efficient search process. 

It is important to have faith in the agency. The agent that shows you the property will also help you with all the paper work so they are extremely important. And BestComo is the best. Reliable, precise and very professional. Besides they gave a good idea of the quality price ratio in the area. So no doubts!

What did we like best? The experience of Hanna, she knows all the details about the contract, the required documents, and all the practical things like getting the gas and electricity contract working. So, the combination of Pietro with his network and Hanna with her accurate skills is the best in the area.

Annette, Netherlands

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